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Alphabet mastery
is a game changer

Alphabet mastery establishes higher learning skills in many ways, including:

  • Once we know how mastery feels in our body, we can seek that feeling as we learn, unlearn and re-learn anything for the rest of our lives.

  • It shows us how to turn an abstract image or concept into concrete (physical) knowing with certainty.

  • Our alphabet mastery success helps us approach new seemingly impossible tasks with confidence.

The  Power  of  Alphabet  Mastery

mastery [mas-tuh-ree or ma-stuh-reenoun.

"knowing with certainty"

  • Mastery of anything improves every person’s capacity to learn, contribute to the world in a meaningful way, and thrive.

  • Some things are critical to master in the 21st century.

  • The alphabet is one of those things.

"The illiterate of the 21st century 

    will not be those who cannot 

        read and write. 

     They will be those who cannot                         learn, unlearn and  re-learn."


                             Alvin Toffler - Futurist

Whatever your story about messy handwriting, we show you in a matter of hours how to use your brain, imagination and hands to create a lifetime of neat writing -- and know the confidence that comes from achieving a goal.

Without boring, tedious repetition.


With fun and games.


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Studies are now showing that writing by hand is better than typing in these ways:
  • handwriting increases brain activity

  • handwriting improves long-term information retention

  • handwriting increases ability to generate ideas


  "My Messy writing is No Big Deal"
Actually, messy handwriting may affect you more than you realize. 
Ever wonder what is the common cause of messy handwriting? 

Alphabet mastery at any age! 


It's never too late or early to achieve alphabet mastery--and the process improves your brain power no matter how old or young you are!

The ultimate outcome: confidence in reading and writing, spelling and speaking. 

ESL Learners!

It's easy to deepen your connection to English with Alphabet Mastery