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We turn around lives by showing the truth about learning.

Our Founder

Diane Devenyi is a former lawyer who shifted her focus to education when her 3 children were young. Since 1998 she has:


  • run pilot projects in schools,

  • earned a Masters of Education degree,

  • founded a summer camp,

  • given workshops for students, parents, teachers, and companies, and

  • presented at many educational conferences.

Learning is confusing, messy, scary, and exciting.

It can also be a lot of fun.

John Fraser

Director of Education, Peel Region, Retired says:


"In the 15 years that I was Director of Education in Peel, one of the largest school systems in Canada, I encountered many people keenly interested in amending, improving and changing the programs in the public school system. Never in all that time have I encountered a person who is more intelligent, insightful, creative, generous, and with such a commitment to improvement that benefits all, than Diane. With her single minded determination, she not only set out to create improvements but did so with the earnestness that earned her a Masters of Education degree. I know that she carries this spirit to all that she does."

get ready to

fearlessly use your brain and your body

to be the genius you were born to be.