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Words alone don't teach. That's why we use experiences to improve learning.


Our workshops enrich every person's ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn.

Plus, we resolve messy handwriting and spelling challenges.


Our methods apply proven teaching practices that have the best learning outcomes:

  • Belief that every person can succeed and be enriched;

  • Use of little-known mastery techniques for literacy;

  • Hands-on approaches for concrete (physical) understanding of abstract concepts;

  • Opportunities for collaborative support and reflection;

  • Fun, game-like activities; and

  • Exercises that serve clear purposes and mean something to participants.


Every Alphabetter Workshop incorporates these important features to maximize the potential of every person!

hey genius! mastery workshop 
2 days | 10 hours
Self-regulate attention and energy level
Develop tools for more successful presentations, interviews and exams
Balance and focus in mind and body
Work better as a team member
Master the upper and lower case alphabets
Demonstrate handwriting improvement
Feel new positive outlook on ability to learn
Elite learning starts with the best practices for focus and balance.
Learning Warm-ups activate visualization, breath and physcial co-ordination.
Hands-on mastery of the upper and lower case alphabets is supported by engaging group and independent activities.
Expect to surprise yourself at least once during this empowering workshop experience!


Level One kit (purchase or borrow during the workshop).

ESL Students!

All Alphabetter Workshops are designed to boost your English skills in a way that no other ESL-focused classes do.


Our unique program helps you deepen your connection to the symbols used to read and write English. Register now to experience how mastery of the alphabet is a powerful way to get more out of your other ESL classes!

"I have been studying English for 11 years. After working with you for such a short time, I now really know the English alphabet for the first time. Thank you!"   Soo Kyung